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Easy Instructions For Wine Making With Fruit
By Chris Jonas

Since home wine making is an interesting hobby, many of us look for good wine making instructions to make this hobby more successful, easy and fun. Truly, whenever we think about wine making, we cannot resist thinking about grapes. But the fact is you can use other fruits as well. All you need to do is to follow simple wine making instructions, especially during the fermentation phase. Grapes are naturally complementary to the wine making process and require very little adjustment during fermentation.

Determine The Fruit Amount

In cases of grape wine, this is made from pure grape juice. But for other fruit wines, additional water is needed to dilute the juice prior to the winemaking procedure. This is mainly because of the intense flavor. Secondly, some of the fruits may be high in their acidic property, which in turn makes the wine too sharp in taste if used full strength. Examples include gooseberry and blueberry juices. So for a basic idea, you should prepare your wine with 22 pounds of pears, 16 pounds of strawberries, 14 pounds of pineapples, 15 pounds of peaches, 18 pounds of watermelon or 15 pounds of blackberries. These are measures for yielding five gallons of wine. However, these are the simple instructions for wine making; in fact, there is no single accurate measure for the quantity of the fruit to be used in wine making process.

Determine The Available Sugar

The second essential factor is to determine the available sugar in the juice and to make the required adjustments to the sugar level. A winemaking hydrometer is very useful to perform this job. It provides you all the required information regarding the sugar level in the juice including the current level of sugar, the potential of preparing alcohol and the required amount of sugar. There are actually a wide variety of sugars available in the market. You may become a little unsure which will be the best sugar for your wine.

Determine The Acidity


Proper amount of acidity is a crucial factor for wine preparation. No instructions for wine making seem to be complete without the discussion of acidity and its significance in wine preparation. Acidity is important mainly because of two reasons. It is essential to improve the character and balance of the wine produced in general and to enhance the fermentation process. Acidity largely varies between different fruits. There are essentially two ways to test acidity in a fruit juice. One is with pH testing strips and the other one is doing a titration. The former is not a very accurate way to measure acidity level; however, the later is useful to offer a better result.

Chris Jonas is a chef working in Soho, New York. Check out these great Wine Making Filters advice and articles or the more general Simple Wine Making articles and resources.

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