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The Truth About Web Design
by Bill Pratt

When online users browse, they are usually in search of information or some products or services that are relevant to what they need. If they are directed to another website from clicking on an advertisement, they will be expecting to see something relevant.

However, there are some websites which are poorly designed, making users are unable to find what they need. And so, what could have been a sale would be business lost. And with too many incidents like these, your website will surely be bound to fail.

Here are things to keep in mind when coming up with the design of your website.

One things that is certain is that people would not be visiting your website unless they feel that they can easily navigate around it. So you would need to make sure that your website has a design which is very easy to understand, making it extremely user-friendly. A lot of people would not care whether your website is laced with elaborate design, as long as they would not be confused or lost in your web pages.

Make sure that you provide relevant, varied and up-to-date content so that your visitors would find your website interesting enough to come back for more.

Always keep in mind that viewers could just click away to a competitor of yours the moment they do not seem satisfied with your website and what you offer. Check if you are able to offer an edge over everybody else so that there is at least a solid reason for them to choose your website for their needs. You would also have to ensure that your website loads quickly as many people are impatient when waiting for websites to load.

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HTML and Web Artistry 2: More Than Code by Natalie Zee, Susan Harris
"If you want a book on sound web design this is it!"

Dynamic Dreamweaver MX Rob Turnbull, Bob Regan, Omar Elbaga, Paul Boon, Rachel Andrew
"This book is primarily for anyone who wants to learn how to use the new advanced features of Dreamweaver MX to easily create professional static and dynamic web pages .."

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Adobe Creative Team
"Simply a dream book for a dream Program.."

Dreamweaver 4 Bible by Joseph W. Lowery
"Dreamweaver 4 Bible is a tutorial and a reference, providing an excellent companion to Macromedia's professional Web-design package.."

Macromedia Flash MX Production Techniques by M.D. Dundon
"A fast-track learning path for Macromedia Flash MX production techniques, from basic illustration to advanced ActionScript programming.."

Web Design in a Nutshell by Jennifer Niederst
"if you have a basic knowledge of HTML and web design it's invaluable both as a dip in reference book, but also for a complete overview of web design. You'd be hard pressed to find better.."

How to Start a Home-based Web Design Business by Jim Smith
"After reading through this book several times it just made me want to work for myself even more than ever!"

HTML Pocket Reference by Jennifer Niederst
"Most Web authors need a reference of this kind and this pocket-size book is one of the best ways to provide it.."

Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates by Clint Eccher
"Don't buy this book if you're after an explanation of html. For me it was a refreshing change NOT to see this in a web design book! Instead you'll get advice on comping designs, using tables for layout, design tips/tricks and site usability.."

Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips by Joseph Lowery, Angela Buraglia
"Directed at intermediate to advanced level users of Dreamweaver MX, this book contains a collection of tips and hidden secrets for the professional who needs results fast.."

Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases by S. Harkins, B. Chamberlain, D. McGee
"Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases provides in-depth instruction and tutorials for designers and developers looking to create data-driven web pages with Dreamweaver MX .."

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