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Become A Video Game Tester In 3 Easy Steps
by James Allen

I make my living gaming. Can you imagine - doing what you enjoy doing most - and getting paid for it? Sounds like a wild fantasy, right? Think again. Many gamers get paid very well just to spend time with their consoles playing the latest games, because they are video game testers. Here's how you can become one in 3 easy steps.

Step One: Make Contacts

You can't just browse the jobs section of the classifieds to find companies looking to hire game testers for the latest games. You actually have to go straight to the companies that develop games and let them know who you are, what your gaming skills are and why you would be a great video game tester.

Make sure to present yourself in a professional manner. At the same time, don't be afraid to brag about how many games and consoles you own and how many hours a day you spend gaming. Experience counts!

Step Two: Take Your Job Seriously

As long as you actually own the console or PC you'd like to test games on, chances are you'll eventually get your first assignment. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. Especially make certain you know exactly what kind of information and feedback the company is looking for from you. Keep this in mind as you play the game they provide you with.

Keep notes as you go along and write clearly. Don't forget to check your spelling and grammar. Most importantly, make sure you get the data back to the company on time! Even though you're having fun, don't forget to stay on track.

Step Three: Be Proactive In Taking On New Projects

After completing your first assignment, you may be so excited when you receive that first paycheck that you spend all your time gloating about it. Don't! Keep up the process of contacting companies and providing quality reviews and feedback. You will build up an impressive resume of game testing assignments that will help you get even more and better paying ones in the future.

Sounds like a great job, right? So, if you want to be able to tell you friends "I game for a living", follow the steps above and you'll soon be on your way to making a full time income from the comfort of your console.


James spends most his time gaming. Making a living as a video game tester has got to be one of the world's best jobs. If that sounds good to you, visit and start today.

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The Ultimate History of Video Games by Steven L. Kent
"Intruiging insight into the origins of the video game..."

1000 Game Heroes
David Choquet
"A super-size dazzling collection of 1000 digital digital game heroes, all in colour and beautifully printed... many have development drawings too.."

Arcade Fever by John Sellers
The Fan's Guide to the Golden Age of Video Games

The Video Game Theory Reader
Mark J.P. Wolf (Editor), Bernard Perron (Editor)
"The Video Game Theory Reader brings together exciting new work on video games as a unique medium and nascent field of study.."

Essential Guide to Video Games by Future Magazines
"This is an excellent reference book .."

Game on: The History and Culture of Videogames 
Lucien King (Editor)
"packed with memorable screenshots, classic characters, conceptial artwork, and excellently written information .."

Re:Play: The Ultimate Games Graphics 
Liz Faber
"Stunning collection of computer game related images.."

More Than a Game: The Computer Game as Fictional Form 
Barry Atkins
"I highly recommend this book for its thought provoking study of narrative, its brilliant discussion of computer gaming and its extremely enjoyable style.."

Blade II Official Strategy Guide Bart G. Farkas, BradyGames
"Game secrets revealed, plus tips for using the new 360-degree combat system.."

Supercade by Van Burnham
A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984

The Medium of the Video Game
Mark J.P. Wolf (Editor)
"the video game has become the entertainment medium of choice for millions of people, who now spend more time in the interactive virtual world of games than they do in watching movies.."

Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Official Strategy Guide by Tim Bogenn
"Now THIS is a real videogame strategy guide .."

Gran Turismo 3 Official Winners Guide
"Even with the short comings the book is virtually indispensable for GT3.."

Grand Theft Auto 3: Official Strategy Guide 
Tim Bogenn
"Grand Theft Auto™ 3 Official Strategy Guide provides detailed strategies for the gangland missions and side missions in the game .."

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