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How To Take Good Photographs Of People
by Weis Ow

Have you ever thought of how to take good photographs by yourself? Ever wondered how the professional photographers shoot those shots of their models? Why their faces are so sharp and clear?

You can achieve such effects if you knew the techniques. But taking good photos of people is not just about the person. There are several other considerations that you need to be aware of.

You must get your subject to relax if you want to get good shots. Nothing spoils a shot more than a person who appears stiff and uncomfortable. One of the ways is to talk to your subject. Carry out a conversation about their work, their families and giving them the posing instructions while they are talking. This will give you many chances to take nice, natural poses. Also, make sure you and your camera equipment are ready. No one likes to wait, and waiting for you to get ready could put your subject into a foul mood. Bye-bye nice photo.

How to take good photographs of pple? One technical tip that you should find helpful in taking photos of people would be to play with the aperture size. This is the f-number on your SLR camera. If you want the subject to be clear and sharp, but don't need the background, set the f-number larger. This makes the aperture wider and causes the background to blur a little. The contrasting effect will make your subject appear sharper, much like those movie-star type of photos.

If you need everything sharp and clear, then close the aperture by selecting a small f-number. This should bring everything into focus.

Another tip is to be at eye level with your subject. When taking shots of people, it is the face that is most important. If there is no need to, avoid full body shots. Zoom in to the face. So, if you are shooting children, kneel down to get to eye-level with them.

You can even create candid shots on purpose. By holding your camera at a slight angle, say 45% or so, the image could appear as if the cameraman was taken by surprise and squeezed off a shot that was lop-sided. Following all these tips, you will never have to wonder about how to take good photographs again.


There are many things you can do with people. Most importantly, relax, have fun, and remember the fundamentals of good photography.

Weis is a media developer, keen to explore things from all walks of life, thus penning them down into articles. She like to do research on a lot of different topics and currently, she's exploring on how to get make money doing simple photography! For more information on the researches, visit

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