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5 Simple Steps To Learn How To Play The Piano
by Terje Brooks Ellingsen

Do you want to learn how to play the piano? You are not alone; the piano is perhaps the most popular of all instruments because it evokes a combination of feelings. It can show romance, anger, happiness, sadness, and a host of other feelings combined. Of all instruments, the piano is the most romantic and men or women who have ever been played "to" know exactly what this means. If you have had trouble learning how to play the piano in the past, we have the answers you need.

The following five steps will give you everything you need to start on your journey to learning how to play the piano.

1. Get access to a piano or synthesizer. This may sound silly, but some people actually think they can learn to play the piano by listening to music or reading a book. You have to have access to a piano to truly begin learning to play the piano.

2. Take piano lessons. Piano lessons can come in many different forms. The more forms you combine the more complete your learning experience will be. If you're totally dedicated to learning to play the piano then schedule piano lessons with a piano teacher, buy several beginning piano books, buy instructional CDs and DVDs, sign up for online piano learning classes, and find any other instructional piano helpers you can get. The more you combine and study thoroughly the quicker and more complete your learning will be.

3. Take advice from experts. Concentrate on the areas of learning they recommend. Your books and your teachers may take different approaches to things, but they all know more about playing the piano than you do. Do whatever they tell you to do for each of their respective lessons.

4. Make practicing the piano a priority. No matter how much you study or take classes, unless you find at least 10 minutes per day to practice, you will not improve. You should begin your practice with the warm ups at least four times per week.


5. Learn the music one measure at a time. You won't be sitting down and playing any advanced music pieces from start to finish on first try until you've spent hundreds of hours practicing the piano. In the mean time learning to play the piano music will always involve patiently going through it one piece at a time. When you can play the whole musical composition, move on to your next piece of music. Go back over the ones you've already learned at least once per month in order to retain what you've learned.

You can get a more in-depth knowledge about the piano in general and the digital piano in particular by going to - The Complete Online Resource For Pianos And Piano Music.

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Total Guitar: The Complete Guide Terry Burrows
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