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Shotokan Karate - From Beginner To Black Belt
"Does well presenting the katas, stances and attacks that are part of
Shotokan Karate .."

Taekwondo - The Korean Art Of Self Defence
"A complete guide to the martial art Taekwondo which can help to improve co-ordination, improve muscle tone, reduce weight, increase strength and improve general fitness levels.."

Tai Chi Combat
"The DVD production is of highest quality throughout with animated interactive menus and a soundtrack.."

Kyokushin-Kai Karate - From Beginner To Black Belt
"Kyokushin-Kai Karate was devised by Sosai Mastutatsu Oyama in 1955. This programme features a complete training routine.."

JKD Body Weapon
"If you are a newcomer or an experienced martial artist this dvd is a must and will blow not only you but also your opponent away.."

Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao
"teaches you the first form of wing chun. It also teaches you how to use the form in real life fighting .."

Wing Chun For Beginners
"Austin Goh demonstrates the basic Wing Chun system, including stretching and conditioning techniques .."

Martial arts on VHS

Shotokan Karate
"this video is very good, it is nearly as good as learning karate from a dojo... a must have for martial artists or just fans"

Karate The Kawasoe Way - Beginner To Black Belt
"It is also helpful to see techniques performed dynamically instead of studying a book, which can only give photographs. I would thoroughly recommend this video .."

Art Of Aikido - Randori No Kata
"A 6th Dan black belt demonstrates warm ups, parrying, hitting, throwing
and locking .."

Savate - The French Art Of Self-Defence
"The top Savate fighters from the USA challenge the best from France.."

Martial arts and self defense books

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