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Horseback Riding Tips For Horse Lovers
by Mara Mark and Mary Markella

Horseback riding is a lovely recreation and even though it is considered expensive and difficult this is not the case. Anyone can learn how to do it, if they are patient determined and they just love riding horses. Here are some basic horseback riding tips for beginner horse lovers.

One thing that is really important when it comes to horseback riding is your tack. You have to take good care of it especially before you head out. You must also learn how to repair it in case it fails. That's why it is a good practice to carry a knife, a string and pieces of leather with you to make temporary repairs. Unless you want to walk back home instead of riding.


When you head out it is smart to have someone with you (on the same horse or not). Accidents happen all the time and even a minor accident could ruin your ride and your entire day if you are alone. Safety above all.

Talking about safety. You should be really careful of what you wear when you ride. For example your boots, an important part of your riding outfit. If you are smart you will wear hard soled boots and avoid boots with deep arches, unless you want your feet to get caught in the stirrups. Next, your helmet. Most people don't even wear a riding helmet not being aware of the dangers out there (e.g. when you fall or when you encounter a tree branch). So always use protective head gear.

Here's another typical scenario. The weather is lovely and you decide to head out. But just when you start to enjoy the ride a terrible rain bursts. Have you thought about the rain? Wouldn't it be nice to have a water-proof vest or something with you? Isn't this common sense dear horse lover?

If the weather is warm you have to take some measures against insects and bugs. They can drive you and your horse crazy. At first you will not even notice they are there. But as you get farther away, it will look like they are waiting for you! So you must protect yourself and your horse. There are aerosol sprays and lotions that can keep insects away. Go buy a small container and always carry it with you when you ride. Spray some to your hands and to the horse's feet and ears when you notice insects appearing.

Last but not least, the trail. You've got to find a trail, ride along and stick to it. Don't be tempted to go into woodland areas or cut across a field. The result can be a disaster. A lot of dangers may be hidden under the plants or the grass (e.g. barbed wire, holes or other hazards). Always prefer a relaxing and safe ride along a trail.

These basic safety and precaution tips can make horseback riding really fun because after all this should be the main purpose of horseback riding. To enjoy the ride keeping yourself and your horse safe. If you are still a beginner rider then you should definitely grab this free 5-part mini horseback riding course with tips and techniques to prepare yourself to sit in the saddle.

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