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Articles on d.i.y. projects and techniques

Carpentry articles
Books on carpentry

Antiquing woodcrafts
Make your own birdhouse from scratch
Sharpening spokeshaves, drawknives and scrapers
How to refinish a wood table

Car maintenance articles
Books on car maintenance

How to prepare your car for winter
Simple car maintenance tips
How to change an oil filter
Car maintenance for women
How to get the best fuel economy
Engine oils - what you need to know
Car maintenance tips: preparing for sale
How to check and change your oil filter

Dressmaking articles
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Dressmaking patterns from start to finish
How to make your own custom clothes patterns
Avoiding fusing failures
Fusing facts

Home improvement articles
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Home security - beating the burglar
Do it yourself home repairs
Filling holes in plaster
Decorating - decorating with flair
Hanging curtains like a pro
Hints on sanding and varnishing floors
Fences and gates
Toilet replacement and installation
Preparing walls and ceilings
Raising the value of your home
Home improvements for market sale
Do it yourself home cinema

Metalwork articles
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Car restoration and metalwork tips
Beginners guide to oxy-acetylene welding equipment
Building a sheet metal annealer
Building a portable welding / cutting table

Winemaking articles
Books on winemaking

Simple steps in winemaking
Your first homemade wine from a kit
General winemaking tips

Woodturning articles
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Beginners guide to woodturning
A quick play at turning a mushroom
Natural edged monkey puzzle bowls
The unorthodox cut

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Making your hobby pay
How to successfully market your hobby products

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