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Articles on crafts

Embroidery articles
Books on embroidery

Embroidery basics
Striking the balance in design and stitch
Form, figure and stitch: designs based on the body
Collecting Chinese sleeve bands
Embroidery techniques used in Anglo-Saxon England

Handicrafts articles
Books on handicrafts

How to start silk painting
Candlemaking basics
Antiquing woodcrafts
Making gemstone boxes
Cross stitch and country craft
How to tie-dye at home
The "6 Pís" of professional crafting
How to make homemade soap
Lacemaking and itís history
Homemade toys for young children
How to profit from selling your art or craft items
Pottery making - a new hobby
Basket making - Round basket in willow
Building chess and checker sets
Making a picture frame
Handmade Christmas gifts
How to make stained glass
How to make a picture frame
How to stencil

Jewellery making articles
Books on jewellery making

Jewelry making ideas
Tumble polishing metal jewelry
Making a classic black and white necklace
Make your own beaded drop earrings
Make your own beaded jewelry
Hand-made earrings

Knitting articles
Books on knitting

How can I learn to knit?
Why knit or crochet?
Basic knit instructions
Knit project of the month

Leathercraft articles
Books on leathercraft

Leathercraft tips

Sewing articles
Books on sewing

How to sew caftans
Sewing instructions for a zipper
Dressmaking patterns from start to finish
How to make your own custom clothes patterns
Sewing machine care - oiling parts
Needlecraft tips

General articles
Making your hobby pay
How to successfully market your hobby products


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