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Indian Cookery
by Jonathon Hardcastle

Indian cookery has become increasingly popular over the last few decades for a number of reasons. Primarily as a result of the popularization of Indian culture and migration, Indian cuisine is now a firm favorite almost universally. Centrally the curry, Indian food has taken off in Western society, and is something which many of us now like to try in our own kitchens.


One of the greatest myths about cooking is that before you can make something, you need a recipe. This is certainly not the case. Indian cuisine has remained largely similar for centuries, and you can bet your bottom dollar that families haven't always used recipe books. The curry is a style of preparing rotting meat in spices to avoid the taste. The early proprietors didn't have the advantage of refrigeration, but they managed round the issue by preparing curries. Thankfully today we don't have to eat rotten meat, but we can still use a variety of standard curry ingredients to improve the taste.

If you're looking to try Indian cookery, you need to get your hands on some spices. Turmeric, Cumin, Chili Powder, Garamasala and other spice blends are the best starting point. Throw these in with any meat and sauce and you're creating a top meal with a bit of a kick. Additionally, you should think about onions, yogurt and butter to add to the basis of a sauce. Alternatively, tomatoes finely chopped and blended can be a good foundation piece.

Indian cookery isn't specific to certain meats either, and you can make great meals out of beef, chicken and even fish. If you're preparing meat for use in a curry, you might like to try a quick marinade to add more intense flavor. Fill a mixing bowl with natural yogurt and throw in your spices mixture. Stir through the yogurt to create the desired marinade. Pop your meat (raw) into the marinade and leave overnight, simply cooking through the next day to eat. This absorbs all the spices and flavor into the meat, and will leave it tender and tasty in your curry.

Indian cooking lends itself to improvisation. New ingredients can add whole new dimensions to old favorites, and it's a great way to learn new techniques in the kitchen. What's more, you can prepare a curry in literally no time at all, making it a quick and easy meal for any occasion.

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The Everyday Diabetic Cookbook by Stella Bowling
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French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David, John Minton (Illustrator)
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Eat, Drink and be Healthy - The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
by Walter C. Willett M.D.
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Ainsley Harriott's Low-fat Meals in Minutes by Ainsley Harriott
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Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2003 by High Johnson
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Gary Rhodes Cookery Year: Spring into Summer by Gary Rhodes
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Low Carb Meals in Minutes by Linda Gassenheimer
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River Cafe Italian Kitchen Rose Gray, Ruth Rogers
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The Wine List 2004 By Matthew Dukes
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Weight Watchers Vegetarian Cooking by Jo Middleditch
"full of more than 30 exciting, delicious and filling vegetarian recipes.."

Complete Italian Cooking by Sonja Grey
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