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The Basics of Programming - The Basis of Our Computerized World
by Aazdak Alisimo

We live in a digital age where practically everything now has some computerized component. The basis of all of that hyper functionality is founding in programming. If you ever wondered what makes the engine run, here are the basics.

A computer program is a set of instructions, known as the source code, which gives instructions to a computer. It basically takes a code written in a human readable format and translates it into actually computer operations. What is programming? It is the writing of these codes and instructions. It is also the testing, debugging, and even the long term maintenance of them. To really understand programming, it is necessary to realize that all four operations are involved.


A computer program that does not function is useless. Testing and debugging, which is the removal of errors, are essential parts of programming. Even the upkeep or maintenance of the source codes is a role of the programmer. Programming requires a great deal of knowledge. They must understand the domain. This refers to the actual mechanical workings of the computer hardware. The must understand complex algorithms and comprehend basic logic. Interestingly, computer programmers are one of the rare technical professions that do not require any type of formal certification.

There is always debate as to the exact nature of programming. Is it and art or is it a craft? Perhaps, as many contend, it is really an engineering discipline. The truth most likely lies somewhere between them all. The good programmer can be a bit of an artist, but one grounded in some very basic principles. The true test of a program is not its originality, but rather its ability to function. Regardless of how imaginative a program might be, it is useless if it does not work.

Programming also uses a number of different computer languages. Which language is used depends on several factors. It may be suitability for the particular application or it might be company policy. Personal preference is another factor in the selection of the appropriate computer language. It might be noted that although they do differ widely, all computer and programming languages contain many very similar elements. They are all basically receiving input and sending output.

Programming is not an easy thing, but also it is not black magic. People can learn to be programmers and it is one of the most growth orientated fields in today's work force.

The personal computer appears in more and more homes and in more and more workstations. The number of programs needed to fuel this might explosion of computer growth is staggering and each must be written by a programmer.

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Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus:Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization by Andre LaMothe
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Visual Basic 6 for Dummies by Wallace Wang
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Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 10 Minutes by John Ray
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C++ from the Ground Up by Herbert Schildt
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C# for Dummies by Stephen Davis
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Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours by Dave Taylor
"designed to take users from a novice to an accomplished user in just 24 one-hour sessions.."

Direct 3D Programming (Kick Start) by Clayton Walnum
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Realtime 3D Character Animation with Visual C++ by Nik Lever
"ever looked at a PC or Playstation (R) game with characters running and leaping through an exciting landscape and wondered how it was done? If so then this book will give you all the information you need..."

Javascript for Dummies By Vander Veer
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Learning Perl objects, references and modules by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix
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