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Articles on collecting

Antiques articles
Books on collecting antiques

The art of buying cheap
Top 10 rules for buying and collecting antiques
An easy way to get started selling
Restoring and cleaning antique brassware
Using adhesives to repair antique furniture
Collecting antiques - donít get ripped off

Book collecting articles
Books on collecting books and comics

Collecting childrens books
Collecting antique childrens books
What makes a book rare?
Collecting mass market paperbacks
Collectable books - how to find them
Beginners guide to collecting comics

Ceramics articles
Books on collecting ceramics

A brief history of Royal Doulton pottery
History of - Wedgewood pottery
How to date antique and collectible porcelain

Coin collecting articles
Books on coin collecting

The coins and history of Asia
Genuine coins of the bible period
History of coins
Coinage of Great Britain: Celtic to Decimalisation

Memorabilia articles
Books on collecting memorabilia

Motor racing collectables
Starting a F1 collection
Gerry Anderson annuals and books
Collecting Elvis memorabilia
Football memorabilia - ancient and modern
Collecting movie posters

Stamp collecting articles
Books on collecting stamps

Stamp collecting terms
Smart stamp and coin investment
Stamp collecting for beginners

Record collecting articles
Books on collecting records

Selling your records

Toys and teddy bears articles
Books on collecting toys and teddy bears

Terms used in doll collecting
Where to find antique toy trains for sale
Antique teddy bears and soft toys
History of the teddy bear

General articles
Making your hobby pay
How to successfully market your hobby products

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