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Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Car Running Properly
by Gregg Hall

If you want to ruin your day, never take the time to property maintain your car's engine. This is a sure fire way to have your car breakdown in the most remote of areas. Instead of tempting fate, why not learn how to keep your car well maintained and working properly.

Check your oil levels every week. Engines run at extremely high temperatures and some models will burn through oil at an alarming rate. You do not want to run dry on oil. This will damage the engine to cease. Once this has happened, you either need a new engine or a new car. Both of these issues are extremely costly. Can you afford to be without your car for a lengthy amount of time?


Change your oil every 3,000 miles. After driving for a certain amount of time, oil becomes dirty and sluggish. Keeping the oil changed regularly reduces dirt circulating in the engine.

Another troublesome issue is the belts. With every oil change, you should have the fan belts and air hoses checked for wear and tear.

Antifreeze should be changed every year. Have a professional flush out the cooling system and replace the tanks with new coolant. This can keep a radiator from developing leaks.

Transmission fluid should be checked regularly. The fluid should be changed every 36,000 miles. If the head gasket leaks, your coolant will leak into the oil system. This is an extremely costly repair, so have them checked regularly to prevent this issue. Always stop first before shifting into drive.

Look regularly in your driveway for leaks. If you spot any, take not of the color of the fluid and then take the car in for servicing. Transmission fluid is pinkish, antifreeze is green, oil is golden brown, and brake fluid is reddish. Knowing which fluid is leaking can help a garage determine the severity of your problem. They can fit you into a busy schedule if the leak is potentially hazardous.

To keep your air conditioning system working properly, run the system every month, even in the winter. The same is true with the heating system. It should be run in the summer to prevent any seizing.

Try to brake in advance. Sudden stops wear down brake pads far more quickly. Have your brakes checked regularly for wear and tear.

Tires should be rotated every 7,000 miles. Inspect them visually every month for tire wear, punctures, and bulges.

Pay attention to your battery. If you see white deposits forming on the terminals, clean them with a wire brush and then clean the battery with a mixture of baking soda and water.

Keep your car rust free by keeping it waxed once per season. Have the undercarriage washed at least twice a year.

Use WD40 to keep door hinges well lubricated. This keeps doors opening and closing properly.

Follow your car manual's recommended maintenance schedule. This guarantees the warranty will cover costly repairs, but also prevents unexpected breakdowns.

All it takes is a few simple checks every month, and you can protect yourself from breaking down in an unfamiliar or remote area. Your safety is that important isn't it?

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car care at

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