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Fabulous Four - Featuring Hagler, Hearns, Leonard & Duran
"This was a golden age of middleweight boxing and the DVD does it credit, showcasing all of the best action from the fights. If you love boxing you'll love this.."

Champions Forever
"if you like boxing then you will love this DVD. It charts the greatest era in heavyweight boxing of all time, the 70s. Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Foreman and Norton all feature.."

Muhammad Ali - the Greatest
"Charting the life and times of Muhammad Ali, this documentary begins in Louisville, Kentucky, the birthplace of the future World Heavyweight Champion and follows his career.."

Kings Of The Square Ring
"Action-packed bouts from more than fifty fighters - the world's top boxers, wrestlers and martial arts professionals, including Muhammad Ali, Willy Williams and Benny Urquidez.."

The Story Of Boxing
"Featuring the story of boxing and a compilation of the best action from the sport's greatest moments. Includes profiles on Jack Dempsey and Muhammad Ali .."

Boxing on VHS

Fallen Champ - The Untold Story Of Mike Tyson
"In charting his boxing career the video is fantastic, presenting with unmistakable clarity the "elusive aggression" that was the hallmark of Tyson's style.."

Boxing's Greatest Upsets
"Features twenty famous fights with shocks and surprises.."

Boxing Clever - The Perfect Punch
"look past the knock out and see the true skill of the punch. Its a must have for all boxing fans.."

The Rocky Marciano Story
"If you are a fan of Heavyweight boxing I don't think you can fail to be impressed with this video .."

The Best Of Bruno
"some of the most stunning knockouts on film as Frank Bruno rises from his humble beginnings to become World Heavyweight Boxing Championship number one contender.."

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