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Search Amazon for hobby related books on a wide range of subjects including aerobics, antiques, archery, astronomy, athletics, badminton, bird breeding, birdwatching, bodybuilding, board games, car care, card games, car maintenance, carpentry, ceramics, chess, climbing, coin collecting, comic books, computers, computer programming, cookery, cricket, cross stitch, cycling, dancing, darts, desktop publishing, digital video, d.i.y. dog breeding, dressmaking, embroidery, films and filmmaking,  formula 1, football, fishing, flower arranging, gambling, gardening, golf, graphic design, handicrafts, home brewing, home improvement, horse riding, illustration, jewellery making, karting, keep fit, kite flying, knitting, leatherwork, magic tricks, martial arts, memorabilia, metal detecting, metalwork, model making, model railways, motorcycling, motorsport, music, painting and drawing, photography, poetry, pottery, rally cross, record collecting, reptiles, robotics, running, rugby, sailing, screenprinting, sewing, skiing, squash, snooker, snowboarding, stamp collecting, tennis, toy collecting, travel, tropical fish, video games, videography, water skiing, web design, windsurfing, winemaking, winter sports, woodcarving, woodturning, writing poems, short stories and novels.

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